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Apartment Pricing in Charlotte, NC

What part of the country are you moving from?

Charlotte Craigslist Apartment Scams

I have had several clients talk about "super deals" on craigslist.

Create a sense of urgency - closing tactic - NOT!

Charlotte apartment availability is low .  If you visit an apartment community and they tell you this is the last apartment in this floor plan for your move in time frame, believe them.  Charlotte is in the perfect storm mode.  With the DNC coming to Charlotte in September, any rentals close in to the city center are a hot commodity.

Charlotte Apartment's the Life!

I miss my apartment life and I am looking forward to reclaiming it in a couple of years.

My apartment rent is going up!

You found an apartment that you really liked last year, moved in, and have enjoyed your new home.  Today, you received a letter in the mail from your property management team informing you of your options if you would like to continue living in your new apartment.


  • CPM was definitely helpful and knowledgeable. They filled me in on new properties and properties that I wasn't aware of in the area. I would definitely recommend their service.
    Craig W.
  • Trying to find an apartment, in a safe area of Charlotte for our daughter, from over 700 miles away was a daunting and extremely stressful task for us.  Once we finally contacted "Click Pack Move, Inc" I kicked myself for not doing it sooner!  Cheryl took on our challenge and ...
    Kelley L.
  • I recently got accepted into school in Charlotte and needed to find housing. I went down to Charlotte with my parents and Cheryl picked an apartment out for me the day I got in town. Lovely place right in down town. It was perfect for me because I am a ...
    Edgar S.
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