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Apartment Locators - that is our official title. Encourager, supporter, friend, local contact, parent substitute, counselor, advocate, eyes and ears and sometimes - nose, these are all hats that we wear here at Click Pack Move while assisting our clients with their relocation to the Charlotte/Metro area.

Having moved here on my own in ........1984, at age 23, I do know first hand what it is like to move to a new city and try to find an apartment within my budget.  It can be very discouraging. You don't know the areas, what is a good price, or even if you will be moving to a neighborhood that is comfortable for you.

This is where we come in. We help you to figure out all of these details.
For Free!

My first apartment was not a dream....can you say "roaches"?  I could hear them scurry on the parquet wood floor. I slept in my Toyota hatchback, which is today's version of a small crossover style car. By the time the office and I came to terms on my apartment, they offered me a job leasing apartments. That is where my apartment experience began.

I have previously worked with 5 different property management companies in the Charlotte area and knew all the apartment communities in their portfolios., knew all the competitors for each property in the portfolio which gave me a great base for starting my business of apartment locating in 1996.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the Charlotte area, the local life and of course, the ins and outs of finding that "just right place"!


Cheryl Murphy
Owner/NC BIC
Click Pack Move, Inc.


  • CPM was definitely helpful and knowledgeable. They filled me in on new properties and properties that I wasn't aware of in the area. I would definitely recommend their service.
    Craig W.
  • Trying to find an apartment, in a safe area of Charlotte for our daughter, from over 700 miles away was a daunting and extremely stressful task for us.  Once we finally contacted "Click Pack Move, Inc" I kicked myself for not doing it sooner!  Cheryl took on our challenge and ...
    Kelley L.
  • I recently got accepted into school in Charlotte and needed to find housing. I went down to Charlotte with my parents and Cheryl picked an apartment out for me the day I got in town. Lovely place right in down town. It was perfect for me because I am a ...
    Edgar S.
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    Apartment Locators - that is our official title. Encourager, supporter, friend, local contact, parent substitute, ......
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