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Charlotte, NC Apartments 101 and Rent Specials - Why is Click Pack Move a valuable resource for me?

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Why is Click Pack Move a valuable resource for me?  Because we have the knowledge, the “how to do it”, when it comes to apartment living.  We will help you to see the most direct avenues to achieve your goals. Here is an example of one way we help you.

What is the significance of the Lease Start Date?  This is the date you begin paying rent (you do not have to physically move in).

Why is the Lease Start Date important?  The lease start date is important because you may be able to take advantage of a move in special being offered by moving in earlier than you previously intended.


A Rent Special being offered requires your lease start date to be during the month of November.  If your lease start date (move in date) is during the month of November, the rent special allows for the month of November to be free and the renter to receive a credit of $300 toward December’s rent.

The apartment you would like to rent has a rental rate of $725 per month.

Your ideal lease start date is December 7th.  If you move in December 7th, the pro-rated rent for December is $584.67 (12-7 through 12-31).  This means you are not paying rent 12-1 through 12-6 ($140.33). 

Here are the benefits of your lease starting in November.

v  If you came to Charlotte October 25th and visited an apartment community and viewed apartment 101-B and loved everything about it but thought “I do not need this apartment until December 7th”.  “I do not want to pay a whole month plus several days before I actually need the apartment”.  TIP:  Most apartment communities will hold a vacant apartment for somewhere between 7 to 30 days for the person that completes a rental application and pays the monies to reserve the apartment.  This means you can move in during the month of November and take advantage of the rent special.

v  You only pay the deposit and fees and pay no rent until December 1st.  But, the rent due December 1st is only $425 ($725 less $300 for the rent special). 

v  If you moved in December without the special, you would have paid the $584.67.  You save $159 by moving in sometime in November.

Written by cheryl murphy

cheryl murphy


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  • CPM was definitely helpful and knowledgeable. They filled me in on new properties and properties that I wasn't aware of in the area. I would definitely recommend their service.
    Craig W.
  • Trying to find an apartment, in a safe area of Charlotte for our daughter, from over 700 miles away was a daunting and extremely stressful task for us.  Once we finally contacted "Click Pack Move, Inc" I kicked myself for not doing it sooner!  Cheryl took on our challenge and ...
    Kelley L.
  • I recently got accepted into school in Charlotte and needed to find housing. I went down to Charlotte with my parents and Cheryl picked an apartment out for me the day I got in town. Lovely place right in down town. It was perfect for me because I am a ...
    Edgar S.
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